Do our “Kiranas” need modernization?

You find yourself living in a neighborhood surrounded by firmly built, old walls but new windows, same old family but generations taking the legacy of what you may call as the One Stop Shop to all your everyday needs. From soaps to sugar, they have always been the 'go to' stores.

Yes, the Kirana Stores- the backbone of India is informal economy and of every household.

India is currently the 4th largest retail market in the world with over 13 million Kirana stores all over the country, and by 2025 it is more likely to continue dominating the grocery world!

Their entire existence is based on two basic principles- Customer centric and Convenience. They are reachable, easy, and hassle free. They are known for their simplicity and most importantly having a natural ability to act as connectors to every household.

As the world was hit by a pandemic, the stores struggled. As if the future came to a standstill. Digitization, changing consumer demands, modernization in the industry structure and rapid consumption rate challenged the role of Kirana Stores.

And hence, today post pandemic they need an important turnaround to regain their presence in the ever growing economy and revolutionize the way they provide their services by keeping their core values untouched.

It is time for modernization by still being traditional.
And the good news is they have already joined the bandwagon!

In 2018, only 3% of Kiranas were tech enabled in 2018. Now, 70% Kirana stores in urban areas and 37% Kirana stores in tier 2 cities have embraced technology especially in terms of going digital!

The trick is to let them flourish on their own terms, and introduce modernization.

As per a study conducted by Accenture, every Kirana store that embraced the new processes experienced revenue growth between the range of 20-300% while profits grew by 30-400%.

Considering the massive outlets, not every Kirana store is able to upskill their enterprise, there are many challenges that they will have to concur. Amidst the lockdown, 40% of Kirana stores polled in a survey were willing to partner up with online delivery and supply platforms to help them grow. Which is indicative that they are demanding support, calling for genuine entrepreneurs supporting their growth in the most ethical ways devoid of commercial gains. The Kirana stores truly need a shift as a social reformation initiative.

The vision and mission of the Local Supermart aligns with this initiative to bring the Kirana Stores to the forefront, allowing them to emerge as modern, embracing technology, coping up with the industry standards and yet stick to their core value systems which is unique to them. With collaborative efforts the brand believes in creating the Kirana Stores as more connected, preferred and most importantly trending!

Over the past few years the consumer mindsets are evolving, leading to the Kirana stores to lose their client base. But their ability to integrate remains their strength. Proving their ability to adapt!

Are they ready for a makeover? Yes they are and digitization is the key!

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